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 How big is the Aware unit?

The Biotraka Aware measures in at 58 mm x 42 mm x 18 mm, roughly the size of a match box and weighs only 44 grams.

This may seem big next to small dogs but as the device is so lightweight it won’t cause any discomfort.

How does it attach to a collar?

The Biotraka Aware comes with a silicone sleeve which protects the device and allows it to be attached to any collar. Simply slip the device out of the silicone sleeve and thread the collar through the back of the case. Then put the device back into the sleeve and you’re ready to go.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, The Biotraka Aware has a rating of IP67. What does that mean? It is 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand, and it has been tested to work for at least 30 minutes while under 15 cm to 1 m of water.

Does the tracker need a SIM to work?

Yes, there is a non-replaceable SIM card built into your device, so there is no need for you to provide a SIM card. The ongoing subscription covers the cost of keeping this account running and ensuring your device will always be able to communicate with your app. Tampering with your device or removing the SIM card from the device will void your warranty and stop the device from functioning correctly.

Does the Biotraka need mobile coverage to work?

Yes, your Biotraka Aware needs 3G mobile coverage in order to communicate with our servers. If you are unsure if your area has good 3G coverage, please contact our Customer Service Team at info@biotraka.com to confirm the device will work in your area.

How long does the battery last?

The battery in your Biotraka can last for more than a week in ideal circumstances, though most customers can expect to receive between 2-5 days of battery life based off your device settings.

What can I do to extend my battery life?

The GPS refresh rate has the biggest impact on your battery life. The more frequently your device is checking for a location and transmitting this data back to our servers the quicker your battery will die. We recommend keeping your GPS refresh rate set to the default setting of 60 mins unless your pet is lost or you need more frequent updates for a specific reason. Remember you can change this at any time so if your pet does get out or is in an unfamiliar environment, then change it back when you are back home. Connecting your device to your homes WIFI will also help to extend the battery life of your device as your device will not search for GPS updates whilst connected to your homes WIFI network.

How do I check the battery life?

When you open your Biotraka app, you will be able to see your battery life at the top of the menu.  You can also see this in the white bubble on the location page of the app.

How long does it take to recharge?

To fully recharge your device should take no longer than 2 hours. We do recommend charging your device before it loses charge entirely to ensure that if your best friend does get lost you will be able to track them for as long as possible.

How do I charge the unit?

To charge the Biotraka Aware slip the silicone case off the device and attach the magnetic charger to the back of the device. Connect the other end to your computer or and USB charger of your choice. From time to time you may notice that even though your charger is connected to your device it does not appear to be working, this is commonly caused by dirt, oil or other pet related substances building up on your tracker which block the current passing from the charger into your device. To fix this you simply need to wipe down your tracker, and possibly the charger, to make sure they are clean.

Remember your device is water proof so a damp rag can be used to clean the device however your charger is not waterproof and therefore your charger should only be cleaned with a dry cloth and your device should be completely dry before connecting your charger.

Is there an app that can be used to check where your pet is?

Yes, you can download the free Biotraka app from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Can I track more than 1 pet on the app?

Yes, once you have set up 1 Biotraka device in your app you can add another device at any time. To do so open your app and select the Device List option from the app’s settings. From here choose the + on the top right-hand corner and enter the new device ID.

Can multiple people track the same pet?

Yes, although you can only have 1 account registered against each device. To have multiple people track the same Biotraka you will need to log into the same account on multiple devices.

How does it work?

The Biotraka Aware keeps an eye on your pet by using a combination of 3 location tracking system, GPS, WIFI and LBS. Depending on your GPS refresh rate settings your devices location data is sent to Biotraka servers every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes and displayed on the location page of your app.

A non-replaceable SIM card enables communication between your Biotraka and the mobile app on your phone meaning you can be on the other side of the world and still track your pet!

How frequently does the location update?

The Biotraka Aware reports its location every 5-60 mins depending on your GPS refresh rate settings.

How do I change the GPS refresh rate?

To change how frequently your device reports its location open the menu in your Biotraka app and select Device Settings, GPS refresh rate and choose the refresh rate you like. Keep in mind the more frequently this occurs the faster your battery will run down.

Can I track my pets movements in real-time?

You cannot watch your pet’s movement in real-time using the Biotraka Aware, however, if you ever need to know your pet’s location between updates you can request a location update by pressing the Locate Now pin in the top right-hand corner of the Location page of your app. This will request a GPS update for the location of your device and provide an update as soon as it's received.

What is the range of BioTraka?

Thanks to the SIM card in your device there is no range limit for your Biotraka Aware. Much like sending a text to another mobile phone, you can track your pet from anywhere so long as your mobile phone has an internet connection and your Biotraka device is in an area with good 3G coverage.

How accurate is it?

Your Biotraka uses 3 different location systems, GPS, WIFI and LBS. The accuracy of these 3 systems varies and can be affected by a number of factors. To keep it simple in our app we use a 5 star rating system to remind you how accurate each service is. GPS is accurate within 20 meters when available. As GPS relies on satellite signals, being indoors, or in built up areas can affect the availability of GPS signals. WIFI is accurate to around 600 m depending on the strength of the router. The accuracy may improve in highly populated areas as there are more sources of data available. Please keep in mind that WIFI routers are mapped infrequently for location purposes, so if a router has been moved say from the North end of your City to the South end of your City this may cause the location to be wrong whilst your device is near this router. This should only affect your device for a short period of time whilst your pet is near this network and will eventually be corrected when that WIFI router is re-mapped to its correct location. Location based services use mobile towers to locate an approximate area that the signal is coming from. The accuracy can range into the kms depending on the signals available. As this location service is the least accurate your device will only use this system if GPS and WIFI cannot be found. You can choose to turn WIFI and LBS on/off under the device settings menu.

Is GPS coverage needed for the Biotraka to work?

No, GPS is only 1 of the location systems your device uses to provide location information meaning if GPS is not available one of the other system, WIFI or LBS will be used to provide an approximate location for your device. The system used to provide the last known location for your pet will be displayed across the top of the Location page of your app.

What are the other location systems used by the Biotraka?

Your Biotraka uses WIFI and LBS to provide location information when GPS is not available. WIFI: When a device has access to both WIFI and GPS i.e. your mobile phone, it records the GPS coordinates for the WIFI networks it picks up and provides this information to different network service providers. The next time another device picks up that WIFI network it can use the previously recorded GPS coordinates to determine the location of that particular WIFI network. LBS: LBS uses the location of the closest mobile phone tower to your device to provide a very approximate location if both GPS and WIFI are not available.

Why isn’t GPS always available?

GPS signals are not particularly strong and can be blocked by many environmental factors such as the weather or thick bush coverage, as well as man-made structures like buildings. The most common reason for GPS not being available for our customers is when they have their device indoors.

Can I choose what location services my device uses?

Yes! You can choose to switch LBS and WIFI on/off as you like to improve the accuracy of your location data received or improve your battery life. If you are going to turn off WIFI or LBS please keep the following things in mind: GPS signals are typically only strong enough to be received if your device has a direct line of sight to the GPS satellites, if your pet is mostly indoors you may not be able to get a signal. If GPS is not available for any reason your device will continue to display the last known location. Only using GPS will impact your battery: Because GPS is the most energy consuming location system you may notice your battery life decreases significantly.

Does the app show me where my pet is instantly?

The Biotraka Aware does provide real-time location tracking but is not “instant”, you may encounter a lag when requesting the location of your pet from the app.

The lag is caused because most operations are kept in a ‘standby’ mode unless in use through the app at the time. This is because the BioTraka Aware was designed to be small, lightweight and have a very long battery life despite having a battery roughly 1/5 of the size of the battery in your smartphone. Think of this possible lag like switching on your mobile phone, finding yourself on maps then having to send that location to someone else’s phone.

You might also experience a lag if your device is in an area with little/no 3G network coverage. Much like your mobile phone, if there is no reception your Biotraka cannot send its location to your app.

What is a safe zone?

You are able to set 2 different types of Safe Zones in the Biotraka app.

GPS Safe Zones: A GPS Safe Zone is like an imaginary fence you set around a specific area. You are able to set a Safe Zone with a radius between 50 m-5 km so you can pick a size that best suits your needs at any given time. When your device receives a location update from a GPS satellite, it checks this location to see if it’s inside or outside of your Safe Zone. If a location is outside your Safe Zone a push notification will be sent to your phone alerting you to this.

WIFI Safe Zone: A WIFI Safe Zone works by connecting to a WIFI network available where your pet is supposed to be i.e. your home network. If your Biotraka loses connection with this network, presumably because they have wandered away from your house, a notification will be sent to your phone alerting you to this. Keep in mind that if your WIFI network does not cover your entire backyard or if your network is prone to dropping out this may cause false alarms.

How do I set a safe zone?

Once you have your device set up, open the menu and choose ‘Device Settings’ then select ‘Safe Zones’. This will show you a list of all the safe zones you have set up previously and you can add a new safe zone by selecting the ‘+’ on the top right hand corner.

Can I set multiple safe zones?

Yes, you can set as many safe zones as you like and you can choose to turn them on and off whenever suits you. To turn your safe zones on or off open the location page and move the on/off switch in the bottom right hand corner, making sure the orange circle is around the desired option.

How quickly will I be notified once my pet leaves the safe zone?

GPS Safe zones: This is determined by your GPS refresh rate which controls how frequently your Biotraka updates your app with its current location. You can set your GPS refresh rate to update at intervals ranging from 5 mins-60 mins. Keep in mind the more frequently this occurs the quicker the battery will run out. Once the current location is received and is found to be outside of the Safe Zone you will receive a push notification to alert you to this. WIFI Safe Zones: Once your Biotraka loses connection to the WIFI Network defined as a Safe Zone a notification will be sent to your app. Keep in mind that you need to allow notifications from Biotraka in both the Biotraka app, under device settings menu, and your phone’s settings in order for us to send notifications to your phone. How to do this in your phone varies from phone to phone but is usually under Settings, Notifications, Apps.

Why wasn't I notified when my pet left the safe zone?

There are a few reasons you may not have received a notification when your Biotraka is outside of the safe zone. The most common are;

Your safe zone is not turned on. Setting up a safe zone does not turn it on. If you would like to turn your safe zones on, head to the Location page of the app and use the Safe Zone toggle on the bottom right-hand corner to turn your safe zone on/off. You want the orange bubble to be surrounding ‘on’.

You need to enable alerts in the app.  Open device settings menu within the app and the last menu item is ‘allow notifications’, make sure this is green. You can then choose the type of notifications you receive, ring, vibrate etc under the menu option, call alters.

GPS refresh rate. If your GPS refresh rate is set to 60 minute intervals you will only receive an update once an hour. That means your Biotraka can potentially be outside of the safe zone for 59 minutes before you receive a notification. To check the refresh rate of your device open ‘Device Settings’ and select ‘GPS refresh rate’.

Keep in mind that the more frequently your GPS refreshes the faster your battery will drain.

You have not allowed push notifications from the app. In order for Biotraka to send you push notifications, you need to allow this option through your phones setting. How to do this varies from device to device but can usually be found under notification settings.

How does connecting my Biotraka to my homes WIFI affect location tracking?

Whilst connected to a WIFI network, such as your homes WIFI, your device won’t check for a GPS signal. This is done in order to preserve your battery as your WIFI network can only be picked up in a small area. When setting up your WIFI Network you will have the option to confirm the location of the WIFI on a map to ensure the location displayed within the app is correct. When your Biotraka loses connection with the WIFI network, presumably because they have left your property your Biotraka will request GPS updates as per usual.

How are you calculating activity?

The accelerometer in the Biotraka Aware tracks the number of steps your pet takes per 30 min period and then categorises this activity into either rest, walk or run/play.

Rest: 0-500 steps per 30 min period.

Walk/low active:501-1000 steps per 30 min period

Run/play: 1001+ steps per 30 mins period

We do not track the distance your pet has moved in this time period.

What can I see in the app?

Your Biotraka app allows you to toggle between viewing today’s activity, broken down into hourly intervals, or you can swap to the weekly view to compare activity levels daily.

To swap between the two views, open the Activity section of your app and either ‘Today’ or ‘Weekly’ across the top of the page.

When will my order arrive?

All orders are shipped with Australia Post meaning metro areas will receive their order within 48 hours. If you are outside this area it may take 3-5 days to arrive.

Can I track my order?

Yes, once your order has been shipped you will receive an email with your tracking link. The tracking link can take up to 24 hours to become active so please keep that in mind if you are unable to see any updates right away.

Does the Biotraka come with a warranty?

The Biotraka Aware comes with a 12-month warranty that covers any manufacturing faults caused by materials or workmanship. This does not include lost or damaged units where the damage has been caused by misuse or pet-related damage. If you are having any issues with your Biotraka please contact our Customer Care Team by emailing info@biotraka.com

Can I return my order?

Our returns policy doesn’t allow for returns due to change of mind. If you are having difficulty using your Biotraka or have a question about the product please get in touch with our Customer Service Team by emailing info@biotraka.com so that they can assist you.

I think my device is faulty.

Your Biotraka Aware comes with a 12-month warranty that covers any manufacturing faults caused by materials or workmanship. If you are having any issues with your Biotraka or believe the device is faulty, please contact our Customer Service Team by emailing support@flipsideint.com