Bio VIP Care Terms and Conditions

If the Bio VIP Care protected Device is damaged, stolen, or lost during the protection period, Bio VIP will repair or replace the Device under the following conditions:

Repairable damages are repaired free of charge. In the event of irreparable damage, theft or loss of the device, Bio VIP will replace the Device for a device of the same or newer model.

Assessing the question of whether damage is repairable or not is the sole responsibility of Biotraka.


Bio VIP Care excludes any repair or replacement in the following cases:

  1.  Deliberate loss or damage;
  2.  Repair or replacement costs for the battery of the Device;
  3. Abrasion or (shell) damage that does not affect the performance of the Device;
  4. Force majeure;
  5. Damage, loss or theft, which is covered by other insurance.

Exchange / Replacement Delivery

  1. The replacement device is not required to be shipped in standard product packaging.
  2. If there is subscription plan for the device this will carry over and be transferred to the new device.
  3. The damaged, lost or stolen device will be deactivated and rendered unusable.
  4. Returned good and devices become the property of Biotraka regardless of replacement.
  5. All shipping costs (both sending and returning) are to be covered by the customer as are any customs duties or taxes.
  6. The customer only has the right to exchange once for free. By replacing the device once, the Bio VIP Care is considered consumed.
  7. Any Claims after the first require a processing fee of $25 and a Co-payment fee equal to 15% of the full retail price of the device or its equivalent as shown on
  1. Validity Period / Term

Bio VIP Care benefits only apply to those Devices for which Bio VIP Care has been activated and for devices which require a subscription plan ( eg Tracking devices) only while the Subscription Plan is active.

Bio VIP Care does not apply to trackers whose subscription is paused. If the subscription for the Aware GPS tracking device is deactivated or temporarily paused, there is no longer any claim to services from Bio VIP Care.

Bio VIP Care operates for a maximum of 2 years from the time that the device is purchased NEW.

    1. To file a Bio VIP Care request for repair or replacement of a device, please contact Biotraka Customer Service via Enter the following details:
      1. Your Bio VIP Care Number
      2. Description of the Issue and
      3. ID of the GPS Tracker or serial Number of the device.
    • Bio VIP Care will assess the issue and if necessary issue you with a Return Authority Number.
        Termination of Bio VIP Care
          • Bio VIP Care will automatically stop in the following cases in addition to the termination reasons described above:
              • The subscription for the associated tracker expires, was terminated prematurely or, for another reason, effectively terminated by Biotraka
                • Abusive or illegal use of the GPS Tracker or transmission device.

                  Right of Withdrawal and Transfer of Bio VIP Care

                    • Bio VIP Care may be terminated at any time by a letter of termination to Biotraka Customer Service prior to the first call for service. No refunds are payable for the unused portion of the service
                      • Bio VIP Care cannot be transferred to other people or to other Aware GPS Tracking devices.